Monday, April 18, 2011


Kenz has LOVED watching the GIRL drummer in our church band and she soon began DRUMMING on EVERY surface she could find to any song she had heard.  SO we started her in drum lessons at  She has LOVED it.  She isn't too excited about PRACTICING.  It has been a struggle to get her to understand that it doesn't just come NATURALLY.  SO after she had to use HER money to pay for half the drum lessons she has been better about practicing.  Her piano teacher at school has even seen an improvement in class. YAY Kenz I am so proud of you...keep up the hard work! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

cooking 101

We have been doing LOTS of REAL cooking around here lately.  I've been inspired by my new FAVORITE cookbook by the Pioneer Woman  AND I have been inspired to get my girlies involved and spend a little time teaching them how to cook.  Kenz (my chef) is all for it, Kait (my DIVA) likes it for a bit, but she would rather HAVE a chef than BE a chef.  BUT no matter if my girls take the "domestic" route or some other route I hope they can at least make a good meal if they decide to.  BUT even if none of these skills stick, I am grateful for the time it has given us to be together in the kitchen.  

all pics edited with Paint the Moon actions.  SO awesome and easy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Time

I LOVE having time with my family.  We had a great day.  We took a long ride in the jeep enjoying a beautiful spring day.  Then we had a picnic at the park with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole-slaw (for Brenton) and fried okra (for Kenz) We fed the ducks, had "wheel barrel" races and ENJOYED time as a FAMILY!  SO BLESSED! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

mi hermana

It's hard to believe this girl use to always get in my STUFF, she was always being overly dramatic, and on my nerves( I mean she DID cut a BIG hole in my waterbed with scissors)....but then we grew up and became BFFs. She amazes me with her patience & her energy.  She is a beautiful, smart, strong woman that can do anything she wants to BUT she doesn't always know that.  She works so hard and does SO much for her BOYS!  She has amazing kids and it is all because of who SHE IS!  She is SO good to my girls and they LOVE her SO much! I am very thankful for MI HERMANA!!!!  LOVE you GIRL!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Take the time

Did you ever notice that all the great things you did as a kid are SUPER great de-stressers for adults???  How great is it to come home after a long day and build a spaceship out of legos, play a game of basketball or COLOR til your heart's content!  This time with Kait was exactly what I needed. I am going to add these fun times to my to do list every day.  Maybe tomorrow I can play a game of tether ball with Kenz..... 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY...the DOUBLE DIGITS!  WOW!  It seems like yesterday that you and Kenzie were crawling around together making trouble. I love that you are both so close (usually) :)  You have no idea how much she lovES you!
I LOVE that you are who you are and you don't care what anyone else thinks.  You have amazing ARtisTIc abilities as well as astonishing mathematical & engineering gifts.  I am in awe of how you can teach yourself anything and how you excel in all your gymnastic endeavors!  You are going to excel in EVERYTHING but don't forget those who loved you first! :)  LOVE U Mas....HAPPY 10 YEARS!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


This girl has NATURAL talent in all she does.  At nine years old she can pick up a camera (on the creative settings) and ROcK out amazing focus, depth of field and composition. I am JEALOUS!  She loves cooking up new and delicious recipes and if she feels like trying...she is an awesome drummer and athlete.  SHE ROCKS!!!  She is so strong and so passionate but so fragile.  I HOPE to teach her to TRUST but be SMART, to never run from LOVE but be CAUTIOUS, to STAND up for others BUT don't rely on them to STAND up for you.  I HOPE she is KIND, BUT FIRM.  I don' t want her to fail BUT I want her to learn from her mistakes.   I want her to be FRIENDS with everyone BUT I want her to choose her friends wisely. 
 "SO many different prayers I pray for all that you might do...I PRAY that God will fill your heart with dreams, and that faith gives you the courage to DARE to do GREAT things,  I am here for you whatever this life brings.  So let my LOVE give you ROOTS and help you find your wings.
May passion be the wind that leads you through your days and may conviction keep you strong, guide you on your way...It's not LIVING if you don't REACH for the sky.  I'll have tears as you take off but I'll cheer as you  FLY!"" - Find Your Wings by Mark Harris
 I know you will do great things U B U!~   Be who God created you to be. 
I love you KENZ!