Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am not big into New Year's resolutions...why set myself up for failure year after year?? :) Instead Instead I set goals as I grow and learn throughout the weeks. BUT this year I am making a resolution to: 1. spend more quality time with my family instead of focusing on my "not as important as it seems" TO DO list 2. Document our everyday blessings as we CAPTURE LIFE 3. get out from BEHIND the camera IN FRONT of it every once in a while so I am actually documented in MY life!! 4. PLAY more EVERYDAYAs a scrap booker, I not only want to pass down the important events and beliefs we have BUT I want my future generations to know our everyday happenings and thoughts as well. As a photographer, I have WAY TOO MANY photos to scrapbook all of our everyday blessings SO what better way to CAPTURE LIFE than through a blog!
SO here is the beginning of my New Year's Resolution... just about a month late! :)

Kaitlyn playing teacher...reading me a story.

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