Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think before you Speak

My girls, particularly my oldest (my mini me), does not always THINK before she speaks and we have talked about this A LOT lately. I use to do this "experiment" with my ED kids (minus the bible verses :( ) SO they got to squeeze out a whole tube of toothpaste, which they thought was SO COOL! Then they had to have a race to see who could put the toothpaste back in the tube the fastest....yeah my oldest is a bit DETERMINED and COMPETITIVE. Then when or IF they realize it CAN NOT be done....that is when you talk about toothpaste being like hurtful words...can't take them back. That is why God wants us to think before we speak (Proverbs 15:28), to CONTROL our words (James 3:2,5) and to make our WORDS and THOUGHTS (even the things we say to ourselves) to be pleasing to HIM (Psalms 19:14) I thought this was a GREAT lesson for them and for me.

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