Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kaitlyn's photo shoot 6yrs old

Still catching up on photo shoots and editing!!!  I cannot believe my baby is 6 years old....6 going on 16!  EEEK!!!  
Kaitlyn, You are such a DIVA and I LOVE that you have such a SPARKLING personality!  You are always smiling (which is why papa calls you SMILEY)  and you are ALWAYS so full of JOY no matter what!  I LOVE that you are always singing and I am AMAZED at how good  you are at applying LIPSTICK! :) NOW if you would just decide on ONE color and STOP wiping it off with your sleeves!!! I love that you always want to read to me even though I MAKE you LET ME READ TO YOU TOO!  I love that you want to be a teacher & a Rock Star BUT you are "concerned about having time for your future hubby and you are not sure you can do BOTH!"  I love your FASHION sense and I LOVE that when you play barbies you give Ken a country twang kind of accent. And Barbie "loves it when he talks like that!"  I LOVE that you make me LAUGH!!!  I hope you will always be so full of JOY, I hope you will always be friends with EVERYONE and I hope your BOY CRAZINESS will fade (at least for a while) AND I wish your new found love for Justin Bieber would fade fast and forever! :)

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