Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tyler Blake birthday photo shoot

We did a quick photo shoot to celebrate his 14 years...not as HOLLYWOOD as he would have liked but at least I got him with his phone...  I cannot believe he is 14.  I can remember 14 and he is NOT old enough to be 14!!!  I was old and mature and....oh yeah...I am still not mature????  BUT I thought I was then! :}  I can remember taking this cute little baby, (even more handsome with glasses) shopping with me and listening to his HIGHLY intelligent conversations (even at 1yr old) and we both loved singing along to Garth and Dixie Chicks!!  Ty, I can't believe you are 14!!!!!  You STILL AMAZE me and I am SO PROUD of you!  You are so handsome and kind and you have an amazing drive...let's face it you are just like your aunt (PRACTICALLY PERFECT in EVERY WAY) HAHA :)  SO DREAM BIG...but don't let it go to your head!  I LOVE YOU!

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