Monday, March 7, 2011

thoughts of the job

You know the tangled Christmas lights that Clark Griswald pulls down from the attic on Christmas Vacation...that has to be what some peoples' brain look like....LOTS of wires, some connecting like they should, BUT everything is so tangled that nothing ever connects for more than a few minutes.  The wires are so jumbled that they pull loose causing the lights to flicker and die out before they even get started.  I guess my job as a teacher is to untangle all those lights so they can shine brightly and stay connected! I  love my kiddos, especially when I can see those lights starting to flicker BUT some of those tangles are hard to undo.  It can be really frustrating!  I guess I will be thankful there is a mess to untangle and pray for some extra help getting all the knots out tomorrow! background of colorful...

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